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Budget Herb Vaporizer


Xvape Fam, if you are looking for portable herb vaporizer on a tight budget??? The XVAPE AVANT is here to help! 

The new Avant is a budget herb vaporizer, it comes with 5 temperature settings, slim design, and most important best price. Looking for any good in the saturated budget herb vape product, or if it’s behind the curve.

Our new baby: Xvape Avant


Let us get start

By 3 Clicks of the button in quick succession, your Xvape Avant is on. While the temperature can be changed by holding the same button for a few seconds. Load up the device with medium-fine ground herb-packed down slightly.

Once the Xvape Avant hit the certain temperature, take a long slow draw to get to your desired state of mind!

Slim figure

Xvape Avant is even smaller than your hand and thin as your iphone, Solid touch with black construction lends more stealth to the device.  Xvape Avant can go anywhere with you even without any hand bad.

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Xvape Avant is ideal for taking out on the go. It fits comfortably in the pocket and small enough for it to be barely noticed.

Multiple Temperature, different taste

Xvape Avant have 5 temperature presets to choose between, you have a wide range. Marked at 365/374/392/410/428°F, or 185/190/200/210/220°C, you get reasonably good customization.

Still, not quite as good as full temperature control and we would’ve really like to see more variety in the range. With bottom temperatures around 20 degrees less, we would’ve seen much better control over the experience.

Budget in price but not quality

Xvape Avant uses a typical ceramic heating chamber we see on most entry-level vaporizers.

The Avant ships with a basic kit consisting of the device itself, mouthpiece, charging cable, basic cleaning kit, spare screens, and user manual.

Cleaning is quite easy on Xvape Avant, as the chamber can be cleaned with a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol and the mouthpiece can be cleaned simply by submerging it in iso and gently agitating for a few minutes. Rinse with water and perform a burn-off session before loading up with herb again!

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