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Do Handheld Vaporizers Smell
January 10, 2021 /Uncategorized /

Do Handheld Vaporizers Smell?

If you are thinking about switching to handheld vaporizers, there are a couple of things that you must know. Especially whether this smoking alternative smells or not. Well, to make the switch easier for you, we have come up with all the necessary details. In this blog, you will know the major difference between vaping and smoking. In addition, you will also get an insight into different ways by which you can reduce the smell. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

Vaping VS Smoking

People have this misconception that vaping is similar to smoking. But there is a huge difference! First off, a vape does not produce smoke; it produces vapors that are much lighter and leave an area quicker. The other major difference is that smoke is created by the method of active combustion. It involves the application of heat directly to the plant matter, which turns it into ash and produces smoke. However, when we talk about vaping, there is no combustion. It means that you are applying indirect heat to raise the temperature of plant matter. This process is known as convection heating. 

The third thing to consider is the outcome of smoke and vapors. When you smoke, you change the chemical composition of the herb. This, in turn, releases carcinogens. On the other hand, while talking about vapors, the concentration of the herb remains the same throughout the process. The chemicals produced by smoke are harmful to the human body and are responsible for several chronic diseases. Therefore, if you want to save your lungs, it is better to switch to a vaporizer.  

Does Vaping Leave a Smell?

Now that you know the major differences between smoking and vaping, here comes the interesting part. Vaporization provides you with the utmost discretion! Let’s take a look at how.   

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While vaping doesn’t eliminate the smell entirely, it reduces the potency of the smell and gives you secrecy. It is mainly because the plant matter isn’t making direct contact with the heating element. In fact, you would be surprised to know that the odor produced by vaping is only 20% of the smell produced by smoking. On top of that, when you exhale, the vapors smell more like overcooked popcorns! Erm, nowhere near smoking!

How long does the smell stay?

You are already aware that vaporizers don’t burn. This allows the smell to leave much quicker. Since vapors are much lighter than smoke, it further escalates the speed. 

Additionally, the vapors do not attach to fabrics and surfaces, which makes it easier for them to disappear. On the other hand, if you smoke herb, you may find it difficult to get rid of the smell. It is because the molecules get stuck on the wall and other material present in the room. 

If you are searching for different ways to reduce herb vapor smell, here are some tips.

  • Keep your vaporizer clean: If your vaporizer isn’t clean, it will start to smell. 
  • Vape in a well-ventilated room: Always make sure that your vaping sessions are carried out in a well-ventilated room. Additionally, you can also install a window fan. Any smell released from vaping will disappear within minutes.
  • Save the bud in a jar: Thinking of saving your bud after vaping? Make sure you keep it in a jar. A used bud may still release a faint smell.  
  • A DIY spoofer: You can make your own spoofer by stuffing fabric softener sheets into a roll of paper towels. While exhaling the vapors, blow through this spoofer, and the smell will feel more like clean laundry. 
  • Put fabric softener sheet on the vents: Placing these sheets on the vents will ensure that the herb gives off a fresh fragrance.
  • Place wet towels under the door: Here is a trick that will make sure that the smell from the vapors does not reach your neighbors. Place a couple of wet towels under the door, and you are good to go!
  • Use the vaporizer at a low temperature: If you are outdoors and want to taste the herb, make sure you do that at a low temperature. At a low temperature, the smell of the vapors is less intense. 

Final Words

Vaporizers are the best alternative if you do not want yourself or your surroundings to like reek and give off a pungent herb smell. While they do not eliminate the smell entirely, these make it easy for you to smoke almost anywhere, anytime! Well, it is because the science behind vaporization relies on convection, unlike smoking. Besides, it is also a great alternative since it does not release any harmful carcinogens.

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