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Dry Herb: Why Temperature Matters?


Dry Herb: Why Temperature Matters?

Quite a lot of people vape dried products. However, there are several other methods to consume dry products. Pipes and bongs are a couple of them. While each of these methods has its perks, they have one thing in common – and that is temperature.

The Importance of Temperature

While vaporizers have been evolving for quite a while with new features and functions, their temperature is still the most crucial element. Talk to any vaping enthusiast out there, and he or she will ask you about your preferred temperature setting. The reason why they are so keen to talk about temperature is that it makes all the difference in your vaping experience. It can completely alter or enhance your experience of inhaling your favorite dried product.

Why Temperature Changes Everything

Many people, especially first-timers, do not know much about vaping temperatures and their importance. If you are one of those people, there’s no need to worry as several others don’t know about it either. That said, it’s essential to know that the vaping temperature for dry products makes a monumental difference in terms of medicinal properties, experience, taste, and in some cases, high. Furthermore, using the right vaping temperature for your product will prove to be a great decision in the long run, particularly when you compare it to traditional smoking.
For a long time, vapers have been testifying to the fact that customizing your experience is indeed possible by making adjustments to your vape temperature.
It is abundantly clear that dried products are never the same. Therefore, it makes sense that their vaping temperatures should be different as well. So, if you have a vaporizer with temperature adjustability features, you should make the most of it by determining the right temperature for the product you plan to inhale.

What are the Ideal Settings?

Here’s where things get a bit confusing. You have to do some tinkering to find out the ideal temperature for your preferred dry product. In most cases, however, experienced users recommend anywhere between 375 to 530 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are a new user, it would be wise to start low and slowly work your way up.
Also, it is essential to remember that the hotter your dried product gets, the more potent it will become. However, it will also become slightly harsher. So is there a solution to it? Well, you can only achieve the ideal temperature settings through trial and error. Try not to take the temperature all the way up as it could burn the product and possibly diminish its flavor and potency.

Making the Most of Your Vaporizer

As discussed earlier, vaping at extremely high temperatures will burn your dried products quickly, making for an unpleasant experience. However, going for low temperatures will not do you any favors either. The hits will by wispy and thin. Find the middle ground by making adjustments now and then, and you will find the right temperature for your dry product. So, whether you have the outstanding XVAPE Aria, or the other spectacular dry herb devices Starry 3.0, Avant, or Fog, remember to play around with their features to find a heat-level that suits you.


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  1. May 25, 2020

    Yes temp matters for what cannabinoids you need to medicate with with out burning and not getting any and less nasties from burning yuk

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