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Vista Mini Bubbler

(6 customer reviews)


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6 reviews for Vista Mini Bubbler

  1. Quincy Sparling

    It’s a great peice cant beat the price I gotta buy a new one tho my friend dropped mine but for sure my favorite by far!☁️🔥

  2. Aaron

    Need a new glass piece after it tipped over on the table it snapped right off… I know it’s glass but I don’t think it should break falling over. If the base was wider it wouldn’t of happened, my dog bumped the table leg and that was the end of it.

  3. Dylan (verified owner)

    I broke my rig first thing in the morning on Thursday and by Saturday i had a brand new bubbler yall are great

  4. Celena

    I bought an X-vape Vista Mini for my husband’s birthday. In less than 24 hours the glass bubbler broke. It seems like a manufacturing issue. The connector piece/stem just snapped right off of the bubbler. The mouth piece was in at the time and I had just used it. This seems to be a common problem. I’ve read about it on different reviews. I’m bummed out. I got my husband all hyped up for this and… 😣

    We loved it before it broke. It’s a good rig. The mouthpiece seems too long or too heavy for the bubbler. You cannot really set it down while in the mouth piece is in the bubbler. It’s top heavy/unbalanced and will tip over. The unit itself has some weight tothe base but it’s not enough to store on a tabletop w/mouthpiece in.

  5. bobbywardlaw2012

    When will the XVAPE VISTA MINI GLASS BUBBLER be in stock?

    • XVAPE

      It is already in stock.

  6. Ronda Lake

    Great vape! As everyone says, I have gone through 3 mini bubblers from breakage. Great product for the money and I love the atomizer on them. They last a long time! Thanks Xvape

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