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Dual Use Vaporizer – for both Dry Herb and Concentrate

Considered to be the highest rated hand held dry herb and concentrate vaporizer on the market today, the XVAPE Aria is a masterpiece of form, function, and high fashion. This classy vape features dual use, a high speed heat up time, and 100% isolated airflow, giving it some of the best tasting flavor available in a portable unit. For those in search of perfect flavor delivery matched with powerful flow, the XVAPE Aria is the only answer.



In a world of plastic, poorly made dry herb and concentrate vapes, the XVAPE Aria stands out. Heavy duty. Exquisite craftsmanship. Comfortable form-meets function design. The Aria was ranked as one of the top High Times Holiday Dry Herb Vaporizer Choices for 2019.

Solid Construction

With the Aria dry herb and concentrate vaporizer, XVAPE has achieved the highest levels of build quality. We have opted for high end materials and precision designs, going against the industry trend of weaker plastics. The XVape Aria is 100% unique in its construction and stands head and shoulders above anything else at its price point.

Isolated Airflow

Purity of vapor – of taste and flavor – is one of the Holy Grails of vaping. XVAPE has solved this problem with its signature airflow isolation design. No longer will you have to worry about contaminants, internal or external, ruining the quality of your vaping enjoyment.


Full Specifications:

  • Exquisite Elegant Skin Patterns
  • By Degree Settings (C°/F°)
  • Ingenious full ceramic conduction oven chamber with an oval design for better heat contact
  • 15 Second Heat Up Time
  • Massive 20 sessions per charge
  • Whole Ceramic Mouthpiece with industrial strength NIB magnets
  • 100% Isolated Airflow
  • Full Digital Control by degree OLED Screen
  • Discreet Scraping tool
  • Haptic Feedback Technology
  • Temperature Range (212°F – 464°F)
  • High-impact Metal frame
  • 2600 (18650) MAH built-in Chargeable Micro USB Pass-through battery
  • Dual Cycle Times (5min/10min)
  • 12 Month Warranty


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18 reviews for XVAPE ARIA

  1. Brandon C

    This product is absolutely fantastic with only one minor issue. This device heats up really quick and produces a good amount of vape. The devices battery life is decent but I like to charge mine in between sessions to keep it full. The only real downside is the mouthpiece gets really hot about 2 minutes in. I personally don’t mind it but other people that have tried it won’t even dare because it burns their lips. If you could add a mouthpiece that you could buy as an attachment that would solve the problem.


    Interesting.. I can’t wait to put my order in I want 2

  3. Daniel Taubenböck

    Hello i am a cannabis patient from germany, i think the XVAPE area is the the right product for me…i need one of them…thank you

  4. Andrea L.

    Oh my LORD! This baby is now my GO TO. Seriously a game changer for me, I currently vape my dry herb at 410F and it’s perfect. Plus the 10 Min cycle is more than adequate for me and a friend. Thank you XVAPE for knocking this one out of the park! <3

    -Andrea L.

  5. Chelsea Blackman

    As a mother of two and avid rock climber the Aria is literally my new best friend. Its by my bed every night and with me during the day. I would absolutely recommend this device and have already got some of my friends to get one as well.

  6. Daniel Udeza

    I’m not sure what else to say other than this is it right here! So easy and the perfect size. I like the bowl capacity and LOVE to blow big clouds so I always set it to the highest temp 10/10 great product!

  7. Rick G.

    My new obsession! Love this baby, gets a bit warm but always hits consistent clouds for me.

  8. eilerscarl

    I really like this awesome product. The XVape Aria is a great Vaporizer, because its smal, portable and heats up very fast. You can load the chamber with about 0,4 gramms if you pack tight, but i recomend, not to overfill so that you can still suck air easy. Because if it is packt to tight, it will be hard to suck on. Only downside is, that the mouthpece gets realy hot after some time and if you have sensitive lips i wont recomed this product for you. But for me its totaly bearable and i had no problems. I recomend stiring the bowl after some minutes, than you can get big clouds of smoke. I wish there was an adapter in the box to attach the Vaporizer to a bong, but you can build your own by using a short pice of rubber tubing.

    Quick note for cleaning: If you are cleaning the Aria with alcohol, be careful not to wipe the leather cover, because the alcohol will immediately remove the paint off. The smal screen inside the chamber is detachable with smal tweezers, when you detache the hooks on both sides. This is great, because than you can clean the whole chamber very easy.

  9. Meg

    Can y’all make a hot pink one? Asking for a girly girl!

  10. Hank

    this little thing is great, though the battery life could use a little work (quits after about five 5min sessions, though the battery LED icon displays about 25-30% remaining)
    don’t expect clouds, but do expect a 20sec (or less!) heat time and completely sufficient vaping quality in a compact, well-designed form factor. the built-in slot for the cleaning tool is appreciated.

    do yourself a solid and get the silicone mouthpiece caps as the ceramic mouthpiece on this device WILL get hot (enough to numb your lips) after one session ~360F and upwards.

  11. Jack (verified owner)

    The Aria is a solid vape for the price. I only wish I could turn on the screen without the device heating up. Maybe I’m just spoiled by vape mods but that bothers me ?

  12. Anthony b (verified owner)

    Have had mine for months & still works fantastic! I actually came to look at water pipe adapter since I got one when they did not have them available so I thought I’d leave a comment. I love vaping concentrates with high cbd hemp flower on top so both at once at 440f relief comes quick & with a punch but is still a very tasty vapor. I deff recommend this to anyone looking especially dedicated joint smokers. This makes you realize what flavor you can get when not combusting. 5stars with ease.

  13. Christopher1 Smith

    Just purchased mine, loaded it up and tried it out. GAME CHANGER for sure. No more rolling or spending cash on pre-rolled cones. It does get a little warm, but the flavor and the relaxation are well worth it. I must say, I have already recommended it for my friends.

  14. Delivery Dave

    Definitely one of the best portable vaporizers out there. Had it for several months now. Always loaded and in the backpack! Long lasting battery and you can really dial in your temp settings. I like to combo pack it with flower and a little wax. Use it for a 5 minute sesh and your off and running. Easy to clean, fairly fast charging.

  15. BigNugMan (verified owner)

    Accidentally overfilled my chamber with oil and then this thing began to get clogged with oil and is now unusable… whoops! I’m ordering another one because the vape is awesome and clogging it was my fault! But be warned if you overload this with oil you may damage it.

    Also, as for the hot mouthpiece: I realized this vape comes with rubber mouthpiece-covers that look slick, feel nice, and greatly reduce the heat of the mouthpiece. It was not immediately clear those were for heat reduction, I thought they were for germ reduction.

    Great product!

  16. Matt

    I purchased the Xvape March of 2020. It is my first flower vape device. It works great. Easy to set up and use. Nice LED(?) screen. Battery life is fine, I charge it when it gets to about 25% left. Plenty of vapor. The only downsides are it is not the easiest to clean. The little screen in the mouthpiece is a pain sometimes to get out or to get it sitting down all the way. I don’t know how you would clean the air pipe under the screen in the body of the device if that ever got clogged because it’s a blind hole. The mouthpiece does get hot, but there is a silicone cover you can get (should have been included). Overall it was well worth the money spent. I don’t need to spend 250-300 to get a vape that you set with your phone.

  17. Nick Tuo (verified owner)

    this little guy RIPS on ceoncetrates and CBD flower bowls…my EDV!

  18. Trae Atkinson (verified owner)

    Really great vape for the price. The fact it can do flower and concentrate is why i got it. I get the shakes and a quick sesh gets me right as rain. Thank you XVAPE

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