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The serial number is on the sticker which is found on the under side of the box, scratch off privacy layer to check the unique serial number.

The Cricket+ comes with a 6 Months Warranty and covers the electric battery.

The Cricket+ has an average heat‐up time of 2-3 seconds, 5 clicks to turn the battery on/off, hold the button when inhaling.

Empty heating chamber temperature can reach 500-600C (932-1112F).

The Cricket+ uses a built‐in 350mAh 10440 battery.

No, we do not suggest operating the device while charging.

Vaporizing concentrate material really depends on the substance and user habit. We suggest to start from lower temperature.

The mouthpiece is made of glass. 

The whole top is assembled with magnet, stainless steel tube and galss tube.

There are a few reasons caused the power light flashes in red.             

Battery low: the power light will flashes 10 time in red.                   

Heating atomizer not working: the power light will flashes 5 times.

There are a few reasons:

The heating atomizer might short circuit. Then please change to a new heating atomizer.         

The heating atomizer might not connect to the battery. Screw off the heating atomizer, then screw the heating atomizer again to try.                       

Battery fault. Please contact XVAPE AFS team for support.

It may the battery is over discharged, battery leakage and the electrode insulation ring is broken.

LOAD: Remove the glass mouthpiece to expose the quartz heating chamber. Then load concentrates onto the heating chamber.

TURN ON/OFF: Click the power button 5 times consecutively.

INHALE: hold the button when inhaling.

Refunds are only available for new and unused devices purchased within 14 days on if the tamper proof seal is broken a refund cannot be honored. Devices purchased through an authorized XVAPE retailer cannot be refunded, in such case, any refunds must be obtained from the authorized retailer from whom you purchased the device and will be subject to the retailer’s policy on refunds.