1) What’s the relationship between TopGreen® and XVAPE®?

TopGreen® is a global leader and innovator in the design, manufacturing and sale of XVAPE® serials portable electronic vaporizers. TopGreen® is the company name and XVAPE® is the brand name of the product.

2) Who is XVAPE® for?

XVAPE® products can be used by anyone who is of legal age or older. It should not be used by children; pregnant or breast-feeding women; people with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes; or people taking medication for asthma or depression. Please consult your Physician before using any vaporizer.

3) I’ve seen other website that look almost identical to yours, how can I be sure I’m purchasing directly from XVAPE®?

While we do sell to specific authorized vendors, XVAPE® can always be purchased directly from our official site


If you are unsure of a retailer or online site as being an authorized retailer, we encourage you to contact our Customer Support Department by email info@xvapeusa.com with the company name or link to the site before making the purchase. We will confirm the authenticity of the product.

4) I see the same vaporizers you are selling for US$99.0 on another website for a portion of that cost.

XVAPE® products listed on, e-Bay, Amazon, Rakuten, Overstock, and similar sites to these as well as vendors at flea markets are NOT authorized retailers. No warranty for these products will be honored by XVAPE®. Many of these products are imitations and or counterfeit. These products are not supported by XVAPE® and neither should they.

5) How long do the batteries last on a single charge

XVAPE® batteries are designed and manufactured using the latest lithium-ion and lithium-polymer technology. How long a battery last depends on many different factors, however the most notable variable is a battery’s capacity or milli Amp hour (mAh). XVAPE® batteries can range in capacity, starting with 350mAh and reaching higher. While we cannot list each of our batteries expected life, a good frame of reference is the following: a 650mAh battery, will last approximately 650 puffs before needing to be recharged, 1100mAh approximately 1100 puffs, etc. However, actual battery life can vary wildly depending on the cartridge being used. Please keep in mind that these are all approximate calculations and each user will have varied results based on usage and age of battery.

6) Should I charge my battery before I use it?

Batteries are usually shipped with a 70% charge from our warehouse, which is the suggested way to store lithium-ion batteries. For optimal performance it is highly recommended that you use the battery until it depletes itself. Then charge the battery according to the instructions found in your specific product user manual.

7) Can I leave my battery plugged in to charge overnight?

No this is not recommended. Charging the battery longer than recommended can cause damage to the lithium-ion technology and can be a fire hazard as well. Removing the battery from the charger immediately as the device is fully charged will increase the lifespan of your battery.

8) What is the best way to care for my vaporizer?

  • Regularly wipe battery connection/chamber/heating part clean with a 90% alcohol solution and cotton swab to ensure no oil or residue damages the battery.
  • Let battery/chamber/heating part thoroughly dry after cleaning with alcohol.
  • Remember to remove the battery from the charger when it’s fully charged.
  • Unscrew the cartridge from the battery if you will not be using the device for an extended period.
  • Carry the device in a protective case when not handling.

9) How do I clean the heating chamber/parts?

If you must clean your vaporizer parts of wet or dry deposit, a 90% alcohol solution and a small cotton swab is highly recommended. The mouth piece/chamber connector and mesh filter should only be cleaned with a soapy water solution. It is best recommended to let them soak for a period of 12 hours. Be sure to let your vaporizer components fully dry before using them again. Ceramic filters, because they are manufactured in an absorbent, porous material, it is not recommended to any cleaning with any liquids. It is suggested, using a paper clip or similar item, to poke the holes to ensure proper airflow. After normal, usage and wear, the ceramic filter, as well as other filters in the vaporizer will need to be changed. Regularly wipe battery connection clean with a 90% alcohol solution and cotton swab to ensure no oil or residue damages the battery. Do NOT inject any liquid into heating chamber.

10) Why does my atomizer or cartridge taste burnt?

The heating element of an atomizer must be kept saturated and clean before powering on and inhaling to prevent any damage or burnt taste. If all necessary precautions have been taken in keeping your wick saturated and you are still experiencing an unusual taste, it may be time to change your cartridge.

11) What do I do if my product seems to be defective?

  • Please contact our customer support desk at info@xvapeusa.com and a representative will gladly assist you in troubleshooting your device or replacing the necessary parts under our warranty/replacement program if needed.
  • The original bill of sale, authenticity code, pictures or videos, and any serial numbers are required to redeem the warranty.
  • At the manufacturer’s discretion, warranty service will be provided by repair of the product or exchange of the product and/or part with a new or functionally equivalent product/part

12) Do you ship internationally?

  • Yes, we ship internationally. If you are from out of the U.S. addresses. Please send email to info@xvapeusa.com and a representative will gladly assist you
  • All International shipment fees, including but not limited to warranty items are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. All international shipments are subject to duties and fees when crossing borders. Generally, Brokerage fees will be required and Customs may impose duties and taxes based on the value of the goods. The payment of duties and taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser/importer. Please be advised that these fees are normal and are often times applied to shipments that ship internationally. We currently do not offer shipping to APO/FPO/DPO Boxes.

13) Concerned about customs and importation laws?

We ask that all our customers be aware of their own countries regulations and importation laws. Please keep in mind that DHL and FedEx are the strictest in regard to shipping of items.

14)My order didn’t arrive on time?

All shipping times are estimated. We cannot be held responsible for any delays that are not within our control. (weather, electricity, delivery delays by the carriers).

15)How can I pay for the order?

We accept Visa, American Express, Discover and Mastercard. All transactions will be ran as credit.

16) Declined Order that charged your account?

Any online attempted transaction will place a hold on the funds with your bank. Because the order(s) declined, we have not accepted the funds. Your bank does need to process the attempt(s), however. Once your bank has finished processing the pre-authorized hold(s) the funds will return to your account. This generally takes banks 1-5 business days on their end.

Processing Status:

1)Why hasn’t my order shipped?

We do have a processing time of 24-72 hours on all orders. If you have not received an email in regards to your order, your order is processing without issue and will ship out as soon as possible. However, most orders are shipped out within 24 hours.

2)How can I change something on my order?

Please email us as soon as possible at info@xvapeusa.com so that we may attempt to make this any changes, including your order number and the specifics of the change you would like to make. Changes to the order can postpone processing times.

Order has shipped:

1. What are business days?

Business days are Monday – Friday from 9AM TO 5PM PST

2. How can I change the receiving address?

You would need to contact the carrier of your shipment in regard to rerouting the address. XVAPE® is not responsible for any charges you may incur as a result of any shipping adjustments.

3. USPS has not updated my tracking. 

USPS does not always update their tracking once an order has been shipped until it reaches the destination city. Please do not be alarmed.

4. My FedEx package was not delivered Saturday.

We do not offer Saturday delivery. All shipping methods are in business days.

5. My International order has not been delivered yet.

Please keep in mind the delivery time frames and customs clearance processing times. Please contact your customs agency. XVAPE®  is not responsible for any duties or taxes due at customs. If your package is seized by customs due to your countries importation laws, XVAPE®  will not be held responsible for the cost of the order. Please be aware of your own counties importation laws prior to placing orders.

6. My package may be lost.

Please reach out to your shipping carrier to file a claim once the package has exceeded its shipping time frame. Once you have filed a claim, you can inform us of this issue with the claim number.

Order Delivered :

1. There was something wrong with my order.

Any erroneous shipping errors must be reported within 24 hours of the last tracking update. This includes wrong items, incorrect items or package not being delivered.

2. How can I return something?

  • We do have a return policy . Please email us at info@xvapeusa.com in regard to any issues you may be having. The more detail you can provide, the more expedient the situation can be handled.

Did you find you answer? If not, please submit your questions to info@xvapeusa.com.

We will response you within 24hrs.