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Turning on/off: Click the power button 3 times consecutively. 

Temperature adjusting: After powering on, click the power button 1 time

 to select your temperature setting. 

Preheat/Heating up: After powering on and selecting your temperature setting, click the power button 2 times consecutively to heat the device for herb head use. For dip-head and 510 cartridges use, just press and hold the power button to fire.

On-Demand mode and Draw-active mode: Hold and press the power button and inhale, or inhale directly to start enjoying. The device has air sensor active.

The device will auto power-off in 1 minute if no any operation.

  1. Make sure the adaptor is screwed in to the 510 thread battery. 
  2. Firmly press the herb head onto the adaptor and twist until locked tight.

How to remove the herb head and adaptor:

  1. Firmly hold the herb head and twist left without removing pressure until the adaptor is unscrewed along with the herb head.

The serial number can be found on the sticker on the back or bottom of the box. The security code (16 digits) can be found on the sticker after scraping off the security coating. Consumers can use this code to verify the product’s authenticity. Both of the serial number and security number will be required when applying for warranty or service.

XVAPE FYRA comes with 12 months of warranty and it covers the main body with electronic components except for the heating element, glass components, silicone components, consumer damage, cosmetic damage, accessories and abnormal degradation of battery.

To maintain the XVAPE FYRA, it’s recommended to clean the chamber, 510 adaptor and the glass mouthpiece after each use.

  • Clean the glass mouthpiece: Use some warm water or alcohol to clean the bubbler. Blow into the mouthpiece to remove water. 
  • Clean the herb head chamber and 510 adaptor: First, use the scraping tool (in the Top of device) to scrape out the used materials. Then, use the provided brush to clean the remaining material. After that, wet a cotton swab in the alcohol and insert it into the chamber, gently scrub the side and bottom with a circular motion.
  • Clean the appearance: Remove any remaining debris by a wet cotton swab and damp paper towel. After cleaning all those parts, make sure that the whole device is completely dry before using.

The XVAPE FYRA was made in an ISO 13485 Manufacture Facility for Medical Grade Vaporizers. Designed & Engineered in Los Angeles, CA and manufactured in China.

No, the battery is built-in and un-removable. Please don’t try to disassemble the device and remove the battery.

There is a built-in and removable scraping/cleaning tool at the Top of the device. When you need it, just gently pull it out from the top of the device.

The FYRA has a preheating time of 18 seconds for herb-head use, during which the voltage indicator light comes on and device will vibrate once after fully heating up.

The FYRA is instant heat for the dip head and 510 cartridges use.

Please use the provided USB-C charging cable or standard Type-C charger to charge the device, and please ensure the input is no more than 5V/1A. Any current or voltage beyond this range can damage the device.

No, we don’t suggest consumers to use the XVAPE FYRA or any electronic products while charging for safety reason.

Yes, the heating heads are removable. There is a 510 adaptor piece to connect the herb head. To install apply pressure while turning right to tighten or left to loosen in and out.  If you want change to dip tip then just remove the herb head and adaptor together and screw dip tip into 510 thread.


Light Color


Low Temperature

White Light


Lower-medium Temperature

Green Light


Medium Temperature

Blue Light


Higher-medium Temperature

Purple Light


High Temperature

Red Light


General advice is to lower the temperature to get lighter sensation and increase the temperature to get heavier sensation.

(The temperatures are tested for herb head in lab. Just for reference.)

There are few ways to ensure dense vapor producing:

Temperature: The higher temperature, the denser vapor will be.

Heating time: More heating time can help to produce denser vapor.

Inhaling: Slow and long inhaling will help you get much denser vapor, and make the vapor taste better.

Materials amount: Please don’t load too much materials. Too much loading may cause uneven heating and even block the filter component , so that the vapor cannot pass to the tip smoothly.

Materials quality: If the materials are wet or the quality is bad, not much vapor can be produced.

  • Please ask the seller for help first. In most cases, the seller can help you solve the problem about XVAPE FYRA.
  • If the problem is still not resolved, please contact XVAPE support team for help, email with any issues you have concerning our products. You will receive a reply and solution of the defective product within 48 hours on working date.
  • , Please use the USB-C charging cable provided in the XVAPE FYRA kit when charging, or other standard USB-C chargers that are adapted to the range of 5V/1A. Please don’t use any chargers that exceeding 5V/1A, because the device can only be charged with the charger which is in the range below 5V/1A.
  • Please check whether the USB charging port is damaged. If it was the consumer that accidentally damaged the charging port during/ before charges, then this will be defined as man-made damage. Sorry, the warranty of XVAPE FYRA does not cover this kind of man-made damage.
  • If consumers find that the device cannot be charged after taking it out of the box, please take pictures or a video to confirm if the charging port is damaged. Then please contact XVAPE support team for support, and send them to You will receive a reply and solution of the defective product within 48 hours on working date.

There are a few potential reasons causing the light to flash red.

  • Battery low: The bubbler light will flash 10 times in red rapidly, and then automatically power off. Please charge the device before using it.
  • Missing heating chamber or open circuit: The bubbler light will flash 3 times in red rapidly, when the heating chamber is not installed. Please re-install the heating chamber properly.
  • Short circuit protection: The bubbler light will flash 5 times in red rapidly, and turn off automatically, please stop using the device and do not attempt to repair it by yourself. Please contact the seller or our support team for support, email to
  • Please confirm whether the power button is stuck, so that it cannot be turned on properly.
  • Please confirm whether the battery is completely empty. Try to charge the device before using it again.
  • Please use the provided USB charger to continuously charge the device for 6 hours to check whether there is an over-discharge problem. Basically 6 hours of charging can solve the over-discharge problem.
  • If still unresponsive, please take a video of the defective device and send it to, contact our support team for help. You will receive a reply and solution of the defective product within 48 hours on working date.

Refunds are only available for new and unused devices purchased within 14 days on If the tamper proof seal is broken, the refund cannot be honored. Devices purchased from an authorized retailer cannot be refunded by XVAPE group. In such cases, any refunds must be obtained from the authorized retailer from whom you purchased the device, and subject to the retailer’s policy on refunds.