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XVAPE VISTA MINI Futuristic Design
January 20, 2020 /Uncategorized /

If Apple were to design a bong it would look like this!

XVAPE VISTA MINI Futuristic Design

3 light

What is the best designed vape of  2019? We are excited to review a new best concentrates vaporizer- Xvape Vista Mini. If you like concentrates, but hate the inconvenience of nails and a blowtorch, Xvape Vista Mini is great for you! In fact, the Xvape team brands this unit as the first-ever smart rig. At almost $119 USD only (versus Puffco Peak $ 399.99), Xvape Vista Mini can be proved itself to be one of the best vaporizers on the market! Let’s find out what all of the hype is about.

The Xvape Vista Mini was made extremely well just like the original Vista before it. High-quality parts including a glass carb cap and a large ceramic heating chamber make the performance and vapor quality top-notch. You will have a feeling of luxury stuff since the unit has a very solid build that makes it feel great in the hand.

Xvape Vista Mini utilizing O-rings just like the original Xvape Vista, and like the original Vista, the Vista mini is an extremely effortless vaporizer to use as a result. All of the unit’s parts fit together very well to make a very sturdy, premium-feeling vaporizer. For its size, the vapor quality is absolutely fantastic.

No one can deny that the Xvape Vista Mini has a fascinating design. We think it looks like a lovechild between the HONOLULU vacuum and a hot spring pipe. It could also be described as a magnificent mountain with a high peak. Similar to a mountain, this Xvape Vista Mini feels sturdy. Because of its strong base, and the whole unit is solid. The Xvape Vista Mini isn’t exactly the most discreet unit on the market today.

Even so, the Xvape manufacturer decided to include a couple of features to add to the inconspicuousness. The Xvape Vista Mini includes wireless charging, as I know this is first to the market. First wireless charging vape pen on the world is Xvape Vista Mini. Also, the LED light band around the bottom is including. Three different colors of lighting tell the user three setting temperature.

Xvape Vista Mini is great for the wax vape users, but If you want looking for best her vaporizer, that can also handle dry herbs we suggest checking out the Xvape Starry 3.0, Xvape Avant (best compact herb vape), or Xvape Fog.

There are tons of vape pens on the market and some for every budget, you may find it helpful to check out our vape pen section where we review the top devices in the industry. One popular device that may be worth looking into fits most budgets is the Xvape Vital.

To sum up, Xvape Vista Mini is a very great and unique device! It is appealing aesthetic makes it look great anywhere on the desk, while its portable form factor makes it extremely convenient to take it anywhere. Xvape Vista Mini quality adds to the overall value, it is impressive than some other vape device on the market!

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