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Dry Herb Vaporizer for Botanicals

Simple, discreet, and well-built, the XVape Avant dry herb vaporizer is easy-to-use for the vaper on the go.

When portability and discretion are a must, the XVAPE AVANT dry herb vaporizer is the only choice. With a pocket friendly and innovative flat design, the Avant features 5 unique temperature settings, an industrial strength magnetic mouthpiece, and a large capacity ceramic baking chamber. Click, puff, and go…it really is that simple.



Sometimes, vaping on the go or in public can be a hassle. With the XVAPE Avant dry herb vaporizer, you have the most discrete, under-the-radar vape around, and it is all packaged in a subtle black case. The Avant dry herb vape offers a quick, efficient hit powered by 5 temperature settings and a wide-mouthed ceramic baking chamber topped by XVAPE’s classic magnetic ziconia mouthpiece.

Who’s the Avant for?

The Avant is for anyone in need of a looking for a quality portable vaporizer at a great price. It features 5 Temperature Settings, a pocket-able size, USB charging a magnetic, zirconia mouthpiece and an anodized aluminum body. The Avant delivers features not see in vaporizers at twice the price.

Temperature Flexibility

With 5 temperature presets to choose between, the XVAPE Avant gives you a plethora of heating options for your botanicals. Temp settings are Marked at 365/374/392/410/428°F (or 185/190/200/210/220°C).



  • 100% Isolated Airpath
  • Innovative Compact & Exquisite Flat Design
  • Magnetic Ceramic Mouthpiece
  • Impact Resistant Metal Body
  • Ingenious Large Capacity Ceramic Baking Chamber
  • 5 Temperature Settings
  • Temperature Memory
  • High Rate 1200 MAH Battery
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Temperature Range (356°F – 428°F)

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Black, Blue, Green, Red

11 reviews for XVAPE AVANT

  1. Joseph

    Best vaporizer ever I found and it a noticeable upgrade from my first herbal vaporizer. Much better than previous one. Different temperature settings keeps me warm all the time.

  2. Melissa

    Overall this unit is superb; I highly recommend it to anybody looking for a portable convection vape on a budget. It definitely exceeded my expectations, totally satisfied. Build quality is outstanding. Great, even extraction of herbs. Incredibly simple to use.

  3. Sam

    For a budget device, its not bad it could be better. It uses a ceramic heating chamber we see on most entry-level vaporizers. The vapor path is rather short and the vapor is a bit warm on the lungs, will the draw is a bit restricted the flavor actually is delightful.

  4. Billy

    Thanks to its slim form factor and compact nature, the Avant is really ideal for taking out on the go.
    It fits comfortably in the pocket and small enough for it to be barely noticed.

  5. Amy

    Features give the unit more simple touch and easy to use for beginners, which isn’t a bad thing by any means. Cleaning is quite straightforward, as the chamber can be cleaned with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol and the mouthpiece can be cleaned simply by submerging it in liquid and gently agitating for a few minutes. Rinse with water and perform a burn-off session before loading up with herb again!

  6. Benjamin

    Smaller than your hand and thin as your average smartphone, it conceals well and the black construction lends more stealth to the device. Though it takes a while to heat up and the odor will definitely be noticeable, it’s pretty good for on the go discretion.

  7. Vicken

    The deciding factor for me in buying the Fog over other comparable herb vapes at the $100-$200 range is the Fog’s replaceable batteries. I wanted a vaporizer that I wouldn’t have to discard after a year or two when an internal battery died. I love how long the battery last!

  8. Sam

    With the Avant I get visible and consistent vapors/clouds. When I have finished my bowl my abv is evenly browned without having to stir between sessions.

  9. Terry Brown

    I love this thing. That’s why I need another one.

  10. Terry brown

    I need another one they are so good.

  11. Laura Hunter

    I love this little vape. It’s my first one. The only thing is, it’s annoyingly hard to clean for me. It seems like every other time I smoke, I have to clean it or I won’t be able to get a good pull. Not very convenient for multiple sessions. Other than that, I love this little guy. Also, my first one’s battery started acting weird so the company sent me a replacement one. THANK YOU AGAIN!

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