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Starry 3.0
The Best Entry Level Vaporizer

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Xvape Starry is one of our best-selling vaporizers. And now is better and ever!!! 

Xvape has released a new version of Starry to Version 3- Xvape Starry 3.0.

Just like old starry, the shape of this Xvape Starry 3.0 is pretty cool. It fits in your hand very well, the size is perfect, it is good for your pocket. the mouthpiece is magnetic. The magnet seems to be a good strength, you don’t need to worry it come off in your pocket.

One of the major changes you might notice right away is the addition of haptic feedback. Xvape Starry 3.0 will movelightly to tell you have reached vaping temperature. It is a great feature but it’s a surprisingly helpful change that lets you fire up the Starry and go back to what you were doing while it heats up, without having to watch the screen.

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Xvape Starry 3.0 is very easy to use, vaporizers are trending towards being more complicated, but the Xvape Starry 3.0 reminds us a lot of the original but the better, Xvape straightforward and simple. There are three buttons, one to turn it on and two to adjust the temperature. The top snaps on and off thanks to a well-sized magnet that holds it in place and the battery door swings open easily so you can remove the battery whenever you want. Just like other devices in Xvape family, Xvape Avant, Xvape fog and Xvape Vista Mini, it is very easy for vape beginner.

The other most great change comes in the form of an updated mouthpiece. The new Xvape Starry 3.0 has a mesh screen instead of a ceramic filter, which will help it go for longer between cleanings without clogging up. It should also stay cooler to the touch than the previous iteration, which is helpful for long sessions or high heat.

There are some changes under the hood as well. The oven has better insulation, which should help with heat retention and consistency. The o-ring that holds the mouthpiece in place has been swapped for one that’s more durable and should last longer. There are also some changes to the battery compartment for improved reliability.

Xvape Starry 3.0 is perfect for a great beginner vape – someone just getting into vaping, someone new who doesn’t want to spend a lot. It is just $99, If you purchase from us you’ll also receive some free swag like hat/shirt/backpack/vape case. When you say Thanks Marco when you order!

Marco Anderson

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