The serial number is on the sticker which is found on the underside of the box. Scratch
off privacy layer to find the unique serial number.

The Vista Mini comes with a 1 Year Warranty and covers the entire main chassis with
electronic components, except for the heating coil, consumer caused damage, cosmetic
damage, accessories or normal degradation of batteries.

The Vista Mini has an average heat‐up time of 5‐10 seconds, depending on your
set desired temperature.

  1. Turn on/off: Click the power button 3 times consecutively.
  2. Temperature change: Click the power button 2 times consecutively.
  3. Heat: Click the power button once to heat the device.

The Vista Mini’s battery averages at least 30 minutes of battery life,
depending on temperature and vaping method.

No, we don’t recommend to using the electronic products while charging.

  • White 280°C/ 536°F
  • Green 350°C/662°F
  • Red 400°C/752°F

The white rubber ring is used for the glass carb‐cap and glass mouthpiece
connection in order protect the carb‐cap.

The white buckle is used to secure the glass mouthpiece on to the glass bubbler.

There are a few ways to ensure proper vapor production:

  • Carb‐cap: Twist the Carb‐cap while inhaling gently for bi-directional air‐flow.
  • Temperature setting: The higher the temperature, the bigger the cloud.
  • Concentrate quality: If the concentrate is too dry, it will not produce large clouds.
  • Inhale: Slow long puffs will get bigger clouds.
  • Concentrate amount: Please load a small amount of concentrate for bigger clouds.
    By loading too much the concentrate will just boil and melt away without producing clouds.

The device getting hot is normal, as it is basically a mini oven. The device will be in constant use while it is on, so it will become very hot.

If you have to pause while in use, or when setting the device down, we recommend powering the device off completely so it ceases to produce heat.

No, the Vista Mini is exclusively for concentrate.

The capacity of the Vista Mini oven bowl is about 1mL.

There are a few reasons causing the power light to flash red.

  • Battery low: the power light will flash 10 time in red.
  • Heating atomizer is not working: the power light will flash 5 times.
  • The heating Atomizer might not be connected to the battery properly. Please re‐install the Atomizer Base to
    the Battery Connector (make sure it’s tight) and then install the Heating Atomizer again to try.

There are a few reasons:

  • The heating Atomizer Base (Bottom Unit) & Atomizer Coil (Top Unit) might not be connected to the battery. Re‐install the Atomizer Base (Bottom Unit) to the Battery Connector (make sure it’s tight) and then install the Heating Atomizer (Top Unit) again to try.
  • The heating atomizer might have short circuited.
    Screwing the Heating Atomizer coil too tight on the Atomizer base might cause a
    short circuit, please re‐install the Atomizer coil and try again.
    The broken Atomizer coil might cause the short circuit, if so, then please install a new
    Atomizer coil.
  • Battery fault. Please contact XVAPE AFS team for support or email SUPPORT@XVAPEUSA.COM