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Best compact portable vaporizer

avant 222

Flat and Thin design, that is the first impression when people have Xvape Avant at hand.

It is small, easy to hold and even easier to pocket. It isn’t the smallest herb vaporizer out there, but it’s certainly among the smallest. The average-sized hand will mostly conceal the Avant during use, and you’ll hardly even notice it in your pocket!

The Avant will not give you huge clouds but it is a healthy alternative to pen-style vaporizers because it works with zero combustion and doesn’t burn the flowers but bakes it, which allows you to taste the pure herbs flavor.

The device is similar to the shape of PAX Vaporizer but even smaller in size. The super compact but powerful, The Xvape Avant is like a whopper in your pocket! Xvape Avant can be seen as one of the best compact portable vaporizers.

Xvape Avant, as one of the best compact portable vaporizer, have 5 unique temperature settings offer people different taste. Xvape Avant also has magnetic zirconium mouthpiece and a wide ceramic baking chamber making the loading of your herbs convenient and easy.

Another great feature is, Xvape Avant can heating up within3.5 minutes continuously.

To sum up, Xvape Avant might not perfect for some vape heavy smoker, but it would be perfect for you when you want to go out for a trip or take it with you in many occasions.


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  1. May 25, 2020

    Works fine but needs micro dose adapter for chamber

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