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Top Reasons Why You Should Vape your Weed, not Smoke or Eat it

Cannabis is slowly being legalized in several parts of the world due to its medicinal properties. It is being used through vaporizers, joints, and even edible foods and beverages. However, it is found out that vaping is a far better alternative than smoking or eating weed. Want to know how? Well, in this blog, we have talked about the main difference between these three. Additionally, there are five reasons why you should vape weed. Read along!

The Difference between Vaping, Smoking, and Eating Weed

First of all, let’s talk about the major difference between vaping, smoking, and eating weed.

Vaping refers to using the concentrated extract of a dry herb via a vaporizer. It is a far more potent way of getting high than smoking. In fact, it is determined that vaping marijuana is more intense than smoking.

On the other hand, when you smoke weed, you use the dried concentrates of a plant. It is rolled just like a cigarette. It doesn’t produce vapors, unlike vaping, and people may easily suspect that you have been smoking weed. Talking about edible weed, it comes in the form of jellybeans or other beverages.

Here is Why You Should Prefer Vaping Weed

Read along to know the benefits of vaping weed over smoking or eating it.

1. Less Pungent Odor

When compared to smoking a joint or a blunt, vaping weed produces less odor. Even though it isn’t entirely odorless, the smell is less pungent. In addition to that, when you store loose weed in your vaping device and put it inside your pocket, the smell is not noticeable at all. Therefore, the people around will be less suspicious. On top of that, while vaping weed in your apartment, you are less likely to draw attention from your neighbors.

2. Convenient

Several weed users believe that smoking a rolled-up joint draws people’s attention to them. Additionally, it gets a bit embarrassing even if they are using it for medicinal purposes. Since vaping devices are portable and can be used anywhere and anytime, vaping becomes a more convenient alternative. Always remember to charge the battery of your vaping device so that you can use it whenever you want.

Another reason that makes a vaping device convenient for use is the discretion that comes with it. You can hide them away in drawers, bags, and pockets without making anyone suspicious.

3. Releases Less Smoke

Ideally, Marijuana farmers use a very small amount of chemicals while growing and distributing their products. When the end product is burnt, it is these chemicals that create strong odors. However, when we talk about vaping, there are no flames involved. This, in turn, means that there is very little smoke (vapor).

In addition to that, vaping also means that your lungs and respiratory system will get relief from the harmful effects of smoke. Not to forget, the vapors do not seep into the interiors of your house, including the sofa, carpets, mattresses, and more.

4. Vaping is More Cost-Effective

While vaping, you use the bud more efficiently. It is mainly because marijuana has a unique bioavailability rating. Bioavailability rating is the measure of the initial dose that enters the bloodstream. When you compare smoking weed with vaping, the latter has an improved bioavailability rating.

We can also say that the amount of weed that is wasted while smoking is reduced when a person uses a vaporizer. This helps you save money and thus becomes a cost-effective alternative. In addition to that, several vaping devices offer an adjustable temperature control that gives you the freedom to use the bud however required.

5. Gets into the Bloodstream Faster

Talking about bioavailability, it also comes into action when you calculate the level and usefulness of marijuana that is being used. When you ingest marijuana via capsules, beverage, or any other edible item, the body first breaks down the product. This is when tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main compound in weed that gives you a high sensation, enters the bloodstream. Not only this takes time, but it also reduces the effect if you are taking marijuana for medicinal purposes.

However, when you use a vaporizer, the digestive system isn’t involved. Therefore, the product doesn’t have to be broken down to feel the high. All in all, the medical effects are felt instantly.

Another thing, while vaping, you may easily guess how much of the product you need to consume. However, on the other hand, eating too many edible items to feel the effect may be harmful to the person. Well, this is how a little amount goes a very long way!

Therefore, here are the five main reasons why vaping weed is a far better option than smoking or eating! Not only can you be more discreet, but you will be able to use the stash for a longer period of them.

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