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Convection vs. Conduction Vaporizers

So, you finally decided to switch to a vaporizer or a vape pen, that’s great. As you will be using this new device, it is necessary to know about it properly beforehand. The very first and key aspect of a vape pen is its smokeless operation. And this is way better than smoking, which would be the most probable reason you are switching to it.

Now, when it comes to vaporizers, you can choose from two types, namely,

  • Conduction Vape Pens
  • Convection Vape Pens

When you shop for a vape pen, they might seem similar as per the output. But, both of these work on the different smokeless operation and have their pros and cons.

In the coming sections, you will get to know everything essential about it. So, let’s begin!

Convection vs Conduction Vaporizers

How do Vaporizers or Vape Pens work?

So far, we know that vape pens produce air via heating the herbs, and there are two types of vape pens. Now, let us drill down the working of both the vaporizers individually.

Convection Vaporizers

The basic principle of working of a convection vaporizer is the passing of hot air to heat the herbs and produce vapors from them. This is pretty similar to cooking something in the oven, there is no direct flame, and heating occurs with the help of hot air.

When you go out there to buy a convection vaporizer, you will get two models based on the vaping mechanism. As most of the convection vapes have a table-top design, you will find two models in it:

  • Ballon Style
  • Whip Style

The process of using them is also straightforward. Here are the steps to use the convection vaporizers:

  1. Remove the herb chamber from the device and load herbs into it. Let the vape heat.
  2. Once the vaporizer is heated, attach the chamber back to it.
  3. Let the herbs inside the chamber heat for about 1 or 2 minutes.
  4. Now, the vape is ready for you.

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Post this; the steps change a bit based on the type of model as:

Balloon Style: This model will require you to attach the balloon to the vape. You need to turn on the fan inside the vape to push the heated vapors into the balloon. Post this; you can remove the balloon and enjoy the smoke-free vapors.

Whip Style: The whip style model lets you draw the vapors from the vape by using your lungs’ power. This involves the use of a tube to breathe vapors. This model does not have a fan.

Conduction Vaporizers

Unlike the convection vaporizers, the conduction vapors do not involve any hot air to heat the herbs. In this type of vape, the herbs are heated via direct contact with a heating surface or coil. The process of heating is pretty simple and fast.

All you need to do is fill the heating chamber with the herbs and hit a button on the vape. Let the heat do its work, and post this; you can immediately enjoy the vapors of the herbs. The conduction vapors are normally handy and work on a built-in rechargeable battery.

Pros and Cons of Vaporizers

If you have decided to move to a vaporizer from a smoking machine, it is best to analyze the pros and cons of it. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of the vapes described above:

Conduction Vaporizers


  • The conduction vapes are affordable.
  • The heating of herbs happens swiftly.
  • You get to choose from a wide scope of choices.
  • The conduction vapes come with a built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Portable design can be carried anywhere you want.


  • The heating of the herbs in the vaporizer is non-uniform.
  • It leaves a residue after heating, so it may need frequent cleaning.
  • You need to pack the vape tightly if you want to vape dried herbs.

Convection Vaporizers


  • The heating of the herbs happens evenly.
  • The flavor and vapor produced are of better quality.
  • You get more heat settings in a convection vape.
  • The requirement for cleaning is very less.


  • These models are not that portable.
  • The time required to heat this vaporizer is more.
  • They are pretty expensive as compared to the conduction vapes.

Which one should you choose?

The answer to this question depends on your preferences. If you want something that you can carry anywhere, opt for the conduction vapes, they are portable and lightweight than the convection variant.

If you are concerned more about authentic flavor, choose the convection vape, it heats the herbs uniformly and provides better flavor in the shot. Check our collection of authentic flavors at XVapeUSA.

As far as the price is concerned, the conduction vapes are relatively cheaper than the convection vapes.

So, at last, you need to analyze all these factors before choosing one for yourself.

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