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What are Nic Salts?

The vaping industry is ever-evolving. You may notice new trends emerging with each passing day. Well, keeping that in mind, today we shall be discussing a similar lesser-known trend – nic salts.

A buzz-word in the vaping industry, nic salts have taken the people by storm. These have a very subtle effect on the user and feel less harsh. However, you can still feel nicotine kicking in! So, if you are new to this smoother yet equally satisfying nicotine alternative, read along to know more.

The Difference between Nicotine Salts and Nicotine

Many people confuse nicotine salts with regular nicotine. However, there is a major difference.

Nicotine, commonly known as nicotine liquid and freebase nicotine, is extracted directly from tobacco. However, during this process, the impurities found in tobacco are stripped away, which leaves you with nicotine in its pure form. This extracted nicotine is then used in almost every e-juices today.

Additionally, the pH value of freebase nicotine is 7-8, which directly co-relates to its strength, meaning the higher the strength, the harsher the hit becomes. Coming to nicotine salts, these are derived by infusing certain acids (like benzoic) to freebase nicotine. It helps in reducing the pH of the nicotine and provides a milder hit.

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Introducing Nic Salts

Nicotine salts, also known as nic salts, have the same composition as regular nicotine found in tobacco. However, it is not that volatile and reduces the throat hit when compared to the freebase form. Additionally, these vaporize at a high temperature, due to which the ions do not travel to the nicotine receptors in the body. Nicotine salts are created when the nicotine base is combined with an acid or several acids altogether.

Even though it isn’t such a strong way to deliver nicotine into your body, there has been a notable craze in the market. It is mainly because nicotine salt mimics the sensation of smoking cigarettes and works exceptionally well to give you a smoother hit. When blended with liquid, it creates a perfect e-liquid that can be vaped. Additionally, nic salts carry fewer toxins than cigarettes and are compliant with the Tobacco Products Directive.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Vaping Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salts are a perfect option for those who want to curb nicotine addiction. In fact, it is also ideal for people who do not frequently vape since these give a long-lasting but smoother hit. For those who smoke between 15-20 cigarettes in a day, nic salts are a practical replacement. Apart from that, nic salts are equally flavored like regular e-liquid.

Now that you know a little about nicotine salts, let’s take a look at the pros and cons.


  • It is cheaper: Even though nic salts are a little costly, e-cigarettes help deliver nicotine more effectively. Now, this means that you will vape less, consume less juice, and eventually save a significant amount of money.
  • It has a better shelf life: Nicotine salts are chemically stable when you compare them to regular e-liquids. This, in turn, means that they can be stored for a longer period. Also, you would be glad to know that the quality of nicotine won’t fade. 
  • Better/fast fix: Did you know that freebase nicotine takes longer to satisfy a person? Generally, it is absorbed by the blood in a slow and relaxed manner. On the other hand, nic salts provide a fix within 5-6 seconds. It is much similar to cigarettes that allow nicotine to enter the bloodstream almost immediately. Therefore, it is a much faster alternative, especially if you are looking for a better alternative. Besides, when you switch to nic salts, the demand for nicotine in your body is easily met.
  • Milder, smoother throat hits: While creating nic salts, scientists figured that by adding food-grade benzoic acid, the nicotine gets absorbed more efficiently. Therefore, it upgrades the composition for milder, smother, but instant hits!
  • User-friendly: With nic salts, you have the flexibility to choose open or closed vape systems with very simple designs. The main difference between open and closed systems is the way e-liquid is delivered to the heating mechanism. In an open system, you have to fill the e-liquid manually. On the other hand, in a closed system, one has to use refills that are attached to the rest of the device.


  • Buying a closed system for nic salts can be quite expensive. Additionally, these have a limited selection of flavors.
  • The cartridges are not universal.
  • Nic salts are not suitable for high wattage devices.
  • The strength of nicotine salts may vary drastically. It mainly depends on different nicotine salt manufacturers.
  • Throat hit can still be quite harsh. Therefore, you will be required to play around with different strengths to get hit optimally.


Nic salts are new but equally relieving alternatives if you are craving a nicotine hit. Additionally, these are more satisfying than regular e-juices and provide a milder inhale that doesn’t irritate the throat.

If you are thinking about switching to nic salts, now is the right time!

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